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Special Days

Uniquely SBS: A rich heritage of traditions sets SBS apart, enhances the educational process, and unites students, faculty and parents.


Special days, field studies, and academic projects enrich classroom lessons and celebrate various aspects of learning.  Hands-on learning encourages StoneBridge students to take ownership of their studies and develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Field studies allow students to experience first-hand the historical, scientific, and cultural opportunities in our area. On special days, classrooms come alive with costumes, authentic foods and crafts, music, visual aids and more. Academic projects help upper school students to further develop writing and speaking skills through a series of standard academic projects. With continued practice, students are well-prepared for the twenty-five page Senior Thesis and Oral Defense they must complete in order to graduate. Upper School students also look forward to many events throughout the year that facilitate relationship building and personal growth. Below are some of the special days and highlights of our school calendar, this not an exhaustive list:

All School Events

  • Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day
  • Liberty Day
  • Art Festival
  • Spirit Week

Lower School Events

  • Constitution Day
  • Christian Heritage Day
  • STEM Day
  • Noah's Ark Day (PS)
  • Beatrix Potter Day (K4)
  • Pioneer Day (K5)
  • Italy Day (1st)
  • Heidi Day (2nd)
  • Bach Tea Day & Narnia Day (3rd)
  • Swiss Family Robinson Day (4th)
  • Science Fair, Etiquette Luncheon, & Presidents' Wax Museum (5th)

Upper School Events

  • Fall Retreat
  • Arts and Languages Week
  • Holiday Service Projects
  • Theater Productions
  • Ivanhoe Day (6th)
  • Washington, D.C. Field Study (7th)
  • Shakespeare Play (7th)
  • Boston Field Study (8th)
  • Eighth Grade Speech (8th)
  • English Literature Research Project (9th)
  • Biography Portfolio Project (10th)
  • Oration Project (11th)
  • Chrysalis (11th-12th)
  • Senior Thesis and Oral Defense (12th)
  • European Christian History Tour (12th)