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Riverview Learning Center

The Riverview Learning Center at SBS was established for the purpose of providing individualized educational therapy for students with learning challenges.  The therapy program is based on research and techniques developed by the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD).  Leadership for the Riverview program is provided by Mrs. Trudy Webb, who has over 24 years of experience in student services and is professionally certified as an Educational Therapist (P.C.E.T.) through the NILD.

The goal of the Riverview program is to restore and strengthen children who learn differently.  Potential students for the Riverview program are those experiencing obvious frustration in areas related to school performance--poor spelling, illegible handwriting, difficulty expressing thoughts in writing, or difficulty processing concepts, keeping in step with the pace of the classroom, and difficulty with reading or mathematics.

The Riverview program centers on stimulating areas of weakness in communication, perception and cognition.  In addition, problem solving and organizational skills are developed.  Students are challenged rather than given compensation adjustments.  Intensive educational therapy is given to each student, one-on-one, with techniques especially designed to improve performance through the integration of perception and cognition.  Students receive an average of 160 minutes of therapy weekly, divided among 2-4 sessions.  Each session is administered by a trained educational specialist.  Parents receive training to work with their child at home.  The parents, teachers, and therapist work closely as a team to understand and support the student.  Positive communication and continuous dialogue are key for a successful partnership.

The RLC program includes:
  • A nine-month program, implementing one-on-one educational therapy
  • Two individual therapy sessions per week; student leaves the regular classroom
  • Scheduled Parent Training Sessions and observations of a therapy session by parents
  • An Individualized Therapy Plan prepared annually
  • Scheduled parent conferences and progress reports
  • Frequent communication with the child's classroom teacher
  • Availability of therapist for mediation with child, parent and classroom teacher
  • Annual re-testing, a written year-end report, and parent conferences
  • Therapy is contracted separately

Costs for 2018-19:
  • Full-time tuition for SBS students--$3,900
  • Part-time enrollment is available.
  • Testing charges, supply fees, and other costs may apply.
  • Multiple-child discounts for enrollment and insurance coverage for testing may be available to some families.

For more information regarding testing evaluations and program enrollment, please contact Mrs. Trudy Webb, P.C.E.T., at (757) 488-2214, or